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Bev Silvester-Clark


Bev Silvester-Clark RN, DipN, Dip Counselling, Dip Psychotherapy (Psychosynthesis) Member of New Zealand Association of Counsellors

As a Charge Nurse in both Surgical and Oncology Units, Bev saw that health and healing are a matter of mind, body and soul.  In her search to bring that together she trained in a wide range of counselling and Psychotherapeutic modalities and in several internationally recognized mindbodyspirit programmes.  These include The Healing Journey (Alistair Cunningham Toronto) and MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction).  She has co-authored the book Having Surgery?  Prepare well to recover well using the power of your mind.  ( A second book providing a mindbody approach to cancer treatment is underway. The energy psychology modalties of PSYCH-K®,  EFT and Matrix Reimprinting have revolutionized Bev’s approach to individual work.  “I just love seeing people flourishing and working this way has made a huge difference to the ease and efficiency in which I see that happening for my clients.”

Contact Bev to know more or to make an appointment:

Ph: (09) 833 9853

Mob: (027) 431 6205



Connie Gabriel


Connie Gabriel BSc (Psychology) MA (Systems Counselling)

Member of NZAC (New Zealand Association of Counsellors)

Connie has been a therapist and clinical supervisor in the areas of trauma (sexual abuse, physical abuse, family violence) and addictions for many years.  She has extensive experience working with adults, children, youth and families.  She has a wealth of training ranging from traditional to mind/body and energy therapies.  Connie believes PSYCH-K®, EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are among the most powerful tools to permanently effect change and has integrated them into her approach to deliver a transformational, empowering package.

Contact Connie to know more or to make an appointment:

Ph: (03) 376 6262

Mob: (027) 420 3737